Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask

Hair masks should be a staple in beauty regimes, just once a week, treat your hair to a lovely mask and low and behold, your hair will love you for it. So the Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask was something I wanted to try.

Hair masks are designed to have a deep penetration of moisture, leaving hair soft, sleek and shiny.

I would recommend not using intense heat after using a mask as you need to give your hair a break from heat now and again.
Let it dry naturally, brushing into shape as it dries.

So I am going to review a wonderful mask I was sent a sample from Beauty On Trial.

I received a sample of the Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask to try and I managed to get 2 uses out of it.

Long term use, I can’t comment on and I do apologise, but short term, I’m your woman!

Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask came in a small sachet but it’s bigger than a lot of samples I have received. You can get 2-3 uses out of it, depending on your length of hair.

It comes out pretty easily, it has a thick consistency and the colour is quite a pearly cream shade.

The smell, now this is hard to explain. It has a beautiful exotic scent, but has masculine undertones yet quite feminine.
It’s quite an enchanting but not overpowering scent at all. It’s quite perfume like actually, like an exotic one with slight musky tones.

The sachet itself is waterproof so it doesn’t fall apart once it is wet, meaning you can fold over the top and store it for next time.

Applying to the hair is really easy, as it’s quite thick and your hair is damp, you can rub in your hands then glide through your hair.

Run a wide toothed comb through your hair, making sure the mask is in every inch of your hair.

Even with the mask on, you can feel how luxuriously silky the mask feels, just wait until after you get out!

Rinsing was easy, didn’t take as long as you would expect. About the same time as rinsing conditioner off.

I left the mask on for 5-10 minutes, ensuring it penetrates deep into the hair follicles.

After towel drying my hair, I combed through it again, the comb went straight through with no tangles at all.
This is great for me as my hair gets quite tangled sometimes and can take a while to comb through.

I left it to dry naturally as I feel to get full benefits from this mask, drying would just ruin it and dry my hair out.

Once the Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask was dry, I brushed with a paddle brush and my hair was so soft and shiny, I couldn’t believe it.
I could still smell the scent faintly on my hair.

You can even see how lustrous my colour is, considering I haven’t coloured it in about 6 months, it’s very vibrant and red (My natural hair colour is brown)

I am so amazed at the shine, the feel and oh how beautifully soft my hair is.

You can buy a 250ml pot for £29.99.

Now you may think ‘wow that is expensive’ but honestly, you need about a tea spoon so it would last you absolutely ages so it is worth the money.

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