4 Ways to Surprise Your Loved One

No matter which stage you are at in life, your partner will be someone you love and cherish more than words can say. Many people choose to buy their loved one gifts to show how much they mean to them. Sometimes, the best way you can express this adoration is to surprise them with a new experience or gift at a time they least expect it. However, finding the right way to do this can be hard, especially if you are low on money and time. Luckily, there are some fool proof ideas which will help you create a romantic setting, where you and your loved one can spend some quality time together.

Go on a weekend break

It is no surprise that some couples dream of going on romantic city breaks to places like Paris or Venice. While this is an experience you should try and aim for, it can cost a lot of money if you don’t plan it right. Ideally, you should plan a few months in advance, so that you get the best hotel rates and flight prices locked in. Alternatively, you could take your loved one on a weekend break to one of many luxury hotels that are hidden in the UK countryside. At such places, spa packages and high-end meals are something you can indulge in when you don’t have flight prices to worry about.

Take them to the theatre

Going to the theatre is something almost everyone enjoys. Check out Ticket Rangers for some awesome ideas. While cinema trips are a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening, there is something to be said about the magical feel of seeing a local theatre production or a West End play. Shows like Wicked and Dreamgirls are a once in a lifetime experience for many people. If you are heading to the capital, you could make this into an overnight stay, where you can make the most of cheap theatre tickets and the amazing food of London’s China Town.

Cook a classic candle-lit dinner

Going out for a meal can be the perfect time to escape the house and spend some time with the one you love. If you do this frequently, you could make this surprise even more special by cooking it yourself from the comfort of your own home. As a true romantic, you should take the time to prepare a wholesome meal while your loved one is out of the house. Then, when you know they are coming home, you should light some glowing candles and serve the food, so the scene is all set for when they come home. Often, it is the effort put into surprises like this which touch people the most.

Make a personal gift

It is likely that your partner will have received numerous presents over the years. This can make buying a gift for them a nearly impossible task if you want to make it special. When this happens, it is natural to want to give them something from the heart. Making something from scratch infuses your gift with love and care, and you don’t have to be a crafty person to do this. In fact, care boxes and homemade candles are among some of the most popular and easy options to make, where you can help to cheer your loved one up on bad days.

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