3D Printing – Is It The Future?

More and more, I have been hearing the many ways that 3D printing is being used and I am just sat there thinking, well, 3D Printing – is it the future?

Just recently, I had seen a company close to where I live that have been making 3D printed prosthetic limbs that were fully functioning, fit to order and in an array of colour schemes and themes.

I couldn’t believe that this was an option and was so in awe of the advancements there are with prosthetic limbs. I am sure you think like me, most are made in a large factory setting so don’t quite properly fit. Or even that they are not made to look cool.

With future development of 3D printing, we know that this will not be restrictive with regards to what options there are of things to make. You can check out this company for more information.

Currently 3D printers are very expensive, however we know someone will manufacture them eventually to be more affordable for the every day person.

What you can make at home, I couldn’t even think of the scope of this as it will be huge! Maybe our utensils, plates and even things such as furniture (Pieced obviously)

Could this even over take manufacturing in time? Will we be manufacturing our own items?

Can you imagine, this being used in other forms such as architecture? You could make your own model buildings by simply using 3D printers. Time saving, enter details, turn on and voila! In a few days, you have your very own model building. Even perfect in dimension on a scale.

I know 3D printing takes a very long time to do something small, but with technological advancements, this will speed up in time with no doubt.

Just look at our 2D printers and how fast they are now? They never used to be fast, I remember waiting ages for something to be printed in full colour.

I’m very excited for the future of 3D printing and what is to come!

*This is a collaboration post

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