Time Is Precious; Waste It Wisely

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Life has slipped a lot closer to manic over the last decade or so. Office hours have increased, smartphones have seen work emails get checked at home, social media has swept over us like a tsunami and then there are the other little bits that steal our days away from us. Life has become a treasure-chest of procrastination, and that has made us more time pressed. Basically, pinching the seconds more necessary than ever.  Time means everything.


But don’t despair just yet because, if you’re looking for ways to shave seconds, minutes and hours off your daily must do’s then you’ve come to the right place. So, without further ado, we give to you, a list of tips, tricks, and time-saving advice. Enjoy.

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Work From Everywhere

Technology has exploded onto our lives like a NYE fireworks display, and with that has come the ability to work from anywhere. Smartphones give you the chance to email, call, review contracts, make notes, scrutinize POs, just about anything from anywhere, even the loo. So utilize this. If you take the train, then get a laptop and work on the train. If you drive a lot, get a hands-free and make calls while on the move. It is just a matter of multitasking. Time means everything.


Cook In Bulk

Everyone needs to eat, and that means pretty much everyone has to cook. But cooking takes a lot of time. Even Jamie Oliver takes 30 minutes cooking his meals. This is where cooking in bulk comes in. Cook four or five extra portions and freeze them, then when it comes to the old, “oh no, what am I going to cook tonight” debacle, you’ll save decision making time and cooking time.


Facetime Your Doctor

The thing with traditional doctor appointments is, you waste time traveling to the doctor, you waste time sat in the waiting room, your doctor is always behind schedule and then you waste time driving back from the doctor. That’s where an online Dr comes in. Bish bash bosh. You make an appointment to see someone in a matter of seconds and you are seen in a matter of minutes. That’s how to save hours.  


No More Traffic

We’re of the belief that the fewer apps you have on your phone the better because apps waste your time. All of them are time-suckers. But there is one, called Waze, which is epic. It is a traffic app that uses completely user-generated content, meaning traffic patterns and tailbacks and accidents and everything is updated accurately meaning you can avoid traffic. This is good because traffic is bad; traffic eats away at your precious time.


Bye, Bye Apps

We mentioned it above and we’ll enforce it here: get rid of your apps. Especially your social media apps. Delete them right away. Just off your phone. That way you won’t be tempted by that abyss of procrastination. You’ll still be able to go on there, but the effort will be more meaning you’ll do it less. The same goes for games. Get rid of your game apps. They are not helping you save time in any way. None.

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