Say Christmas With Flowers

Flowers at Christmas is something I always do. From the poinsettia to amaryllis, there is a whole host of beautiful plants and flowers that are suitable for Christmas.

Deep reds to shocking white, bountiful evergreen and hues of gold and silver.

Shopping whether online or in store for your Christmas floral arrangements is hard, choosing the right colour scheme, design and arrangement.
Especially if ordering online, you want to make sure it’s the right size, match your colour scheme (Yes, we all have a colour scheme at Christmas) and finally, the right flowers that smell amazing.

I love poinsettia plants, they look so vivid and especially covered with a sprinkling of gold glitter. I don’t know why, but it always screams Christmas to me.

I also love big bunches of red and white flowers filled with holly, nice greenery that is dark.
You can pick most flowers, so long as they are gorgeous colours for the season.

So Bloom Magic Flowers do some gorgeous bouquets for Christmas, full of reds, whites, greens, berries. All wintry colours and they look absolutely amazing.

I love berries, red or white, I think they look amazing. Red flowers with contrasting white berries then garlands of green. Also love white flowers with a smattering of red and vibrant green showcasing the gorgeous floral display.

Every week throughout December, I buy a gorgeous bouquet. Usually they last a good 2-3 weeks, but I just end up replacing earlier, as soon as a petal falls.

Plus it is an excuse to buy a new arrangement.

Do you like having beautiful floral decorations throughout Christmas? What is your favourite winter flower?

*This is a collaboration post

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