How to Save Money on Your Smartphone Bill

Once seen as a ‘nice-to-have’, but not necessary, luxury item, smartphones are quickly becoming an important part of our everyday lives. For many people, having their smartphone with them at all times is imperative for their careers or lifestyle, and as smartphones have evolved into portable computers, they are increasingly more essential for businesses and individuals alike. But, smartphones are not free, leaving many of us who use them regularly for work and personal use with an extra expense to cover in the budget – the smartphone bill. We’ve put together some of the best ways to drive the cost of your smartphone down.


If your smartphone is currently locked to the network that you are using it on, you could be missing out on some great savings. Provided that you are no longer obliged to pay a monthly fee for a mobile contract, sticking with the network that you first signed up with just because your phone is locked to them might be easy, but it can also be costly. Having your smartphone unlocked through a service such as will allow you to use any network of your choice, therefore widening your choice of plans and allowing you to take advantage of cheaper deals. Having your smartphone unlocked can also save you money in other ways, for example if you go abroad you can simply switch to a local network whilst you are there, rather than having to pay roaming charges when using your own SIM.

SIM Only Contracts

Although it might be nice to get a brand new, shiny smartphone every two years when your upgrade is due, next time you’re about to look at the latest handsets, ask yourself whether you really need a new phone just yet. Chances are, your current handset still has some life left in it, and having any blemishes repaired could be cheaper than getting a handset upgrade in the long run. If your current phone is still in good working order, opting for a SIM only contract, rather than an upgrade straight away, can help you to get the most out of your handset and make some big savings.

Pay as You Go

With SIM only contracts available at awesome prices, Pay as You Go isn’t really popular these days. But, if you don’t have a contract that you’re currently tied into and don’t want to sign up for a 12-month SIM only deal, pay as you go could be a good alternative. Often, Pay and Go deals work in much the same way as SIM only deals, except for that rather than having the money taken out as a direct debit, you will top up your phone with the amount needed to get your monthly allowance. This no-obligation way of doing things can be better for many people when it comes to managing money.

Smartphones are becoming more and more necessary for many people, but high costs don’t have to be unavoidable. Share your top tips for smartphone savings in the comments.

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