Predicting Beauty Trends 2017?

Predicting the beauty trends of 2017 has been hard. The main reason for this, is so far it’s been weird things and I kid you not.

Instagram and YouTube is absolutely full of weird and wonderful trends right now, but will they be hit or miss?
Only time will tell.

Applying make up with all kinds of items from balloons to fruit. I have seen it all these last 3 months.
Are these new trends? Are these absolute total fails?

Let’s have a look so far on the beauty trends we have had in the last 3 months.

Silicone Sponge

Oh man this was a huge fail for me. I purchased one and I absolutely hated it.
The first time, I applied as shown on the tutorial, then tried a few different ways. Massaging, blotting, swirling. All 3.
I tried so many foundation, in fact my entire collection. Some were worse than others.
Just could not get on with it and ended up in the bin. Patchy, hard to get in creases around nose and made my skin look awful.

Items around the home to apply make up

Condoms, balloons, tampons and bra fillets are just a few on top of my head.
There was many ways to apply make up, the videos were hilarious but come on! They didn’t work.
Another huge fail.


Those fake tattoo style freckles look awful. I hate to say it, but they look blatently fake.
With tonnes of make up and a splattering of freckles, they look fake as.
I love freckles, but they should look natural. Not pink, purple or multicoloured either.
Another fail.

Holographic Lips

Since a holographic lip product came out, the internet has been going crazy over hololips!
I do think they look pretty, for photographs.
But general day to day? Well it’s too much.
Great concept and looks amazing but not for all the time.

Unicorn/Mermaid Anything

It’s been going on for over a year, but it’s still a big thing.

Unicorn oil (facial oil with glitter in)
Mermaid Hair

Anything with either in the name and people are going crazy over it.

There is palettes and make up coming out from some big brands with unicorn or mermaid in the names, watch out for these!


We are back to the 90’s with glitter, only it’s even more heavier this time.
Glitter has been creeping bck over the last 12 months but now it’s huge.
From glitter eyes to even glitter lips.
Entire glitter faces? Highlight, you are just not glitter enough as glitter.

Powder Nails

Using powder to do your nails instead of nail varnish is big at the moment.
It lasts a lot longer than varnish. We are talking 3-4 weeks and you can take it off at home simply by soaking in acetone.
Chrome, holographic and vibrant. Every effect you can think of, they have it.
Great looking nails also. This is a must for me.

Luminous and Dewy Skin

I think luminous skin is coming back this year, we have all been about matte the last year.
So I feel the dewy skin is coming bck ready for spring/summer.
I do love the dewy look.

Pink Rose Pink

I’d like to see light pink, baby pink, bright pink coming back this spring.
I do love my pink cheeks, lips and yes even rose gold on my eyes.
Rose shades are my suited colour, they make me look youthful and like I am alive and not so grey and meh.

Natural look

Are we ditching the thick, long lashes this year? Well from the trends I have seen, we may be!
No more false lashes and wearing minimal mascara.

Are we ditching the heavy eyes for more neutral tones?
It appears so! Move over dark, the light, natural and pastel shades are moving in.

Light coloured lips? Well yes. A bite of pink, a dash of coral.
Coloured balms or lip crayons look to be coming back for a simple wash of colour.

No Contour?

Yes, no contour!

So many pictures this month are contourless. Who would have thunk it?

I am glad to see the heavy contour looking natural, subdued or non existent.
I am not a huge heavy contour lover. I like a light bronze of colour and that is it.

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Do you have any beauty trends you see happening this year?

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