Effective Budgeting for Family Holidays

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Our annual summer holidays, although a huge goal to get us through the winter months, can really tip the scales when it comes to our annual family budget. Treating our families to a summer holiday is one of our favourite things but we can often end up getting carried away and spending much, much more than we had planned to. So follow our top tips on how to create a healthy and realistic budget for your family holidays and then stick to it.




So if you are planning on renting anything in your holiday destinations, such as cars, boats or specific equipment you are certainly going to to need to factor these things into your budget. Hiring a car with reliable companies like, Holiday Autos, can really make family holidays much easier and much more convenient so look around online for the best deals that your budget will accommodate.

Maybe have a look into an RV Rental.

Make sure when you contact any hire or rental company that they are completely open with their prices to make sure that there are no hidden extra costs, that you can get stung by upon arrival. So read the small print and make sure you are asking all the right questions before you get there.


Last Minute Deals


It is not always easy to book holidays last minute when travelling with a family, but there are some fantastic deals out there for those who are looking for a great holiday, on a budget. On the other end of the spectrum, booking well ahead of time generally also means you can get cheaper deals and enjoy sometimes significantly lower prices. So, jump online and look at the different last minute prices or any deals that you can make in advance which will help you make thriftier choices.


Also look at the different seasons that you could travel as if you are on a tighter budget, off-season prices will be much lower than around the peak season. So if you’re flexible on timing, it could mean you get the same holiday for a reduced price.




The main way you are guaranteed to burn through that budget is by constantly doling out for items that you hadn’t factored in, or that you perhaps you have accidentally left behind. Therefore try and create a list of the usual items that generally get forgotten or need to bought when there, like phone chargers, shampoos,baby nappies, beach sarongs, boarding passes, car hire details, for example, and then make sure that all these items are the top of your list in capital letters.


Go through your wardrobe and also your children’s, if need be, and note down all the necessary items. Think about all the things that you have planned for your holiday and make sure you and your children are suitably kitted out for every holiday eventuality. A good way to make sure that you don’t need to shell out for extra clothes or items when you are there is to take a small tub of hand wash detergent. That way two bikinis is more than enough and the children can’t complain that they don’t have any clean clothes.

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