Nothing Tastes The Same Without Sarsons


Sarsons as been a staple brand in my home as nothing tastes the same without Sarsons. This is from vinegar to Worcestershire sauce and even browning. Chips are never the same without vinegar and salt, no vinegar tastes the same as Sarsons either. I don’t know what it is about this brand but honestly, I can not use anything else. […]

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Jewelry Reflects Your Personality So Let It Shine!


One of the major ‘faults’ many women have is to follow the trends in fashion regardless of what looks right or even good on them. Unfortunately, over the years fashion has focused so highly on Madison Avenue advertising and what is trending on the runways around the globe that some women just get lost in the crowd. When it comes […]

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Perking Up Dishes With Branston

Branston Range of Products

I like to use many condiments when I eat, it’s nothing to do with food being bland or boring. I just like the additional flavour and texture to a meal. So this is why I like perking up my dishes with Branston. Branston pickle is something from most of our childhoods, we all knew someone who would plop a huge […]

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Give Yourself More Time – Why You Should Consider Freezing Your Eggs


Women have travelled a rocky road to get where we are in today’s society. While there are still problems to be tackled, like the division of household chores and the not-so-small issue of the pay gap, we’ve made great strides in ensuring women’s rights everywhere. From the Suffragettes to Rosie the Riveter, to Eva Peron to Hilary Clinton, remarkable women […]

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Careful Driving In Dangerous Spots


One thing I am very particular about is careful driving, especially in dangerous spots. All over the UK and especially Ireland, there is spots that are prone to be dangerous, so driving within the limit advised and keeping your eyes open with no distractions is essential in ensuring you are driving safely. In Lancashire, there are loads of back roads […]

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Sainsbury’s Boutique Lipstick Review And Swatches

Sainsbury's Boutique Lipstick

Sainsbury’s have their own line of make up called Boutique. I was sent the new, exciting and utterly fabulous range of lipsticks currently available. Now these lipsticks are not available in most stores yet, however they will be coming out soon. Totally with more colours in the range also! I have never considered using supermarket branded products. Not quite sure […]

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Top 3 Women’s Fashion Catalogues


When you open a credit account with a catalogue company, you can spread the cost of your order, access thousands of items, and shop from the comfort of your own home. That means no more queuing up at your local town centre or high street. If you’re looking for the best women’s fashion catalogues, you’ve stumbled on the right page. […]

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Massive Groupon Fan And Here Is Why


I am a massive Groupon fan, I get all sorts from there. Literally, everything I possibly can. Just to make you aware, this is a sponsored post however this is my experience of Groupon and all opinions are mine and mine only. There is some absolutely amazing deals to be had and one of the deals I look for mostly […]

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Importance Of Nutrition At Any Age


We spend most of our lives looking at what we eat, when we eat and making sure we get the right nutritional value. As we age, our metabolism slows down so it’s more imperative with age that we look after ourselves and eat the right balance of foods, with the odd treat of course. Barchester came up with a fun […]

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