Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Think Before You Flush - A Campaign To Think About

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Think before you flush - how many have flushed something they should not have?

I know I have when not thinking in the past, but generally I check first if I can flush or not.

United Utilities have come up with a pack for those of us in the North West, with a guide of what we can and can not flush.

It also highlights some important information regarding

In short, you should only flush toilet paper which is easily broken up, does not cause clogging and is better for the water.

There are many blockages due to sanitary products, baby wipes, face wipes and other things you might think to flush.

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Have you ever heard about the 'Beauty Berg'? I did a while ago when generally discussing face wipes with a friend and why I will not use them.

I gasped in horror when my friend exclaimed she wipes her face then flushes. I knew this had an impact on the water pipes and explained to her that she should never flush anything other than toilet paper.

I think what shocked me more, was my friend had no idea about this.

I assumed everyone knew, I mean it is not so widely our there if I cam honest, I can't remember seeing, hearing or reading anything about it.

So this is where I and United Utilities come in.

I am obviously writing about this today but United Utilities have a campaign going on called 'Think Before You Flush' which is highlighting what we are flushing down the toilet is bad (apart from the most obvious)

Here is a few stats that shocked me (This is for the North West)

1 in 3 people that use baby wipes, flush them down the toilet

£10 Million is the costs of the 25,000 blockages per year around the North West!

70,520 people have flushed deceased animals that are not fish! Whaaaat!

The most common childs toy that is flushed is Lego.

These blockages become costly for us too, having to clean up overflows from the blockages, the stench, the water bills going up every year to cover this.

So what can we do to help?

Well think before you flush! Don't flush anything other than toilet paper.

Get a nice fancy waste basket or bin for your bathroom and pop it all in there.

Use scented nappy sacks for sanitary products then you can simply pop in your waste bin.

Don't flush anything other than the 3 P's (First 2 are obvious, third is toilet paper)

Get a toilet lock for toddlers so they don't flush your valuables down the loo (Yeah, I have lost a few phones, jewellery and various items from this)

Do you think before you flush? If not, would you think more in future?

Go read the informative United Utilities website and also join in the fun! There is even a fun interactive game here...

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Friday, 13 May 2016

Living and Sleeping with Arthritis - My Ways Of Helping The Stiffness And Pain

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Arthritis is something I have had since a young age. I do unfortunately have to live and sleep with arthritis.

It can make life hard at times from the constant pain and aching.

I have arthritis in my hands and knees primarily and now starting in my hips.

Being a computer super user, I am always on my computer or laptop.

I get the constant aching hands and do have days where I try not to use anything so my hands can rest.

I work from home and I also have my blog so as you can tell, I am constantly busy with typing and using a computer.

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I do have several ways to help with the relentless aching and pains that I get often.

The first thing I use is Chia Bia - Chia Oil which is a plant based product with Omega 3.
Having a fish allergy I am unable to take the fish version so it's great that I have an alternative that works just as well.

Chia oil helps massively with the inflammation and seems to make anti-inflammatory medication work a lot better and faster.

I find my joints can move a lot more freely and no longer feel as stiff as normal.

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I also soak in epsom salts which help the aching and pains. It's an old way to help with muscular and joint issues.

My favourite salts are Maddi Alexander (Pricely but only need a little) and also Westlabs which you can get big bags rather cheap.

Pop a couple drops of your favourite essential oil and relax whilst the Epsom salts work on your aches, pains and tension.

Epsom salts are magnesium which is absorbed easily into our bodies. Many people are low on magnesium as we do not eat a magnesium rich diet.

Magnesium helps to alleviate inflammation and relaxes muscles. It's also great for reducing pain after having cramping.

So before bed, have a nice warm relaxing bath with epsom salts and you may find it less painful at night.

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So as I have pain in my hips, I bought a good mattress that is medium with firmness and bought a bamboo mattress topper that is super soft and plush.

This has helped so much with the pressure on my hips as the bed is super soft and comfy but still has the firmness for my back.

You can find good quality beds from Adjustamatic that can help you get up in the mornings without any issues.

I also find sleeping on a long pregnancy pillow helps as it takes the pressure off my hips and knees and I can sleep without waking in the night in agony.

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If you don't want to use medical topical creams then you can try essential oils instead.

If you like a warming effect, you can use ginger, cypress, black pepper and pine.

Essential oils for pain I use are: Wintergreen, vetiver, eucalyptus, frankincense and rosemary.

For sleeping, I use chamomile, lavender, sandlewood and bergamot.

You can make little spray bottles especially for the night time, massaging them on affected areas or using ones that promote sleep and use it as a pillow spray.

Make sure you speak to a GP first to make sure you are able to use them with any medication.

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Nothing better than having comfortable bedding and sleep wear.

Have soft bedding that does not pull against your skin and sleep in nightwear that is not restrictive.

The most important thing I can advise is try to relax as much as possible before you sleep. Switch off as the more tension you have before bed, means the more pain you will have through the night.

Have a nice long soak in the bath, read a good book and relax.

Drink herbal tea's for bed time, chamomile, honey and vanilla is my favourite at the moment.

Again, make sure you can drink herbal tea before you do as they may have adverse effects with medication.

Don't spend ages doing your hair before bed, try to wash in the mornings so it's dry at night so you can pop your clothing on and slip into bed, again read for a little bit and you should fall straight to sleep.

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Having a regular sleep routine also helps improve the quality of sleep. Sleeping at the same time every night and waking up the same time can get you into a good sleep routine and hopefully help you sleep heavier and undisturbed.

Do you suffer from Arthritis and what are your top tips for a more peaceful sleep.

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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Breaking Barriers Campaign - Why it feels close to home

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Breaking Barriers Campaign - Why it feels close to home

I have a very good relationship with my Grandparents and so do my children, however we are not always around to do things with them.

I always remember my Gran telling me she is bored, she plays bingo a few times a week with her friends that she met there, but as we moved away from our family and friends, my Grandma never really made many friends since.

My Grandad did as he has his boat club, fishing and made good friends through that but my Grandma is bored.

So I have introduced her to a world on the internet where she can learn new things, enter competitions and get freebies.

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Where we live, there is not many classes to learn new activities as they Council pulled them all a few years ago, closing local libraries and anything there is available to do, now costs a fortune.

We spend our lives working, raising children and animals, giving ourselves minimal time for anything else... Then one day when we retire, we are left with more time than we know what to do with.

I am the type of person that needs to keep busy otherwise I get extremely bored, inherited from my Gran.

I worry about what I will have to do when I hit retirement, will I be completely bored too?

Then I came across the #BreakingBarriers campaign.

Now this is a fantastic campaign, so I will tell you more about it.

The campaign is called Breaking Social Barriers for the Elderly from Bathing Solutions.

#BreakingBarriers is a campaign to make the younger generation more aware of what the elderly can achieve and how we can help.

Showing there is courses and ways to broaden your learning even in retirement.

Bathing Solutions feel there should be no barriers between the generations and we should be helping the elderly do more, showing them there is a whole new world to learning and keeping busy.

When I was unemployed for a period, I spent time helping the elderly be more internet savvy, showing them the ways of the internet and offering advice and teaching to use computers.
There was a class every Thursday and I was one of the helpers.

I enjoyed spending my time with them, listening to their stories, their family, whilst showing them how to look up lost or distant family members using social media (Most of the time, this was a success!)
Teaching how to use social media to keep in touch with family, where to find things to learn like YouTube and showing how to use it.

How to do shopping online so they don't have to rely on family to take them out.

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How can we close these barriers to the elderly? Well, start by going to see your family a little more.
Teach your Grandparents to use the internet more efficiently, show them the gems we find (Freebies, comps, games even)

Look up for free courses in your area and offer the information to your family.

If you have a little spare time, even an hour a week, why not volunteer that hour and teach our wonderful retirement generation something new.

#BreakingBarriers is a way to help the elderly access these courses and making the younger generations aware that there is things out there and ways we can help!

Many courses ranging from cooking, writing, baking, photography and much more!
Even pilates, yoga and exercise programs.

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I think this is an amazing idea and when it comes to retirement for me, I am safe in the knowledge that I have something new to learn.

What do you think about this campaign? Do you think it is a good idea?
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Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Bathroom Battles

I frequently have The Bathroom Battles.

Bath time for me should be a stress free, relaxing affair where I can soak in the bath with a good book, candle and face mask and just relax.

However I am filled with dread when I think about getting in and out of the bath and it is a total relaxation killer for me.

I want to be able to get in and out with ease but I do struggle.

I don't want to be asking my partner for assistance and feeling embarrassed that I need help sometimes.
There is nothing in my bathroom to assist me in and out.

There is nothing more humiliating then being stuck and having to shout for help, it makes me really upset and I just sit there crying, tears making my face mask run down my face which looks even worse.

I've had slips (Even with a bath mat), I have fallen, collapsed and covered in bruises from bathing.

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To get help, I need to be getting disability related benefits. Which I do not get.

The reason you ask? Well my 'condition' is not recognised, it's not very well researched and worst of all, it is a fluctuating condition so I have 'good days and bad days' - My good day being able to go to the toilet on my own or make food etc. You can imagine my bad days...

Also along with the above which goes against me, I also work. However I do work from my home.
I have a full time job but this is with ease, I am comfortable as I am in my own home and all I do is customer services, taking calls/emails and answering general queries.

So I have been saving up to get some assistance around the home, mainly the bathroom as this is my essential need. To be able to bathe with no worry is just what I need.

I couldn't have a walk in shower as I miss the opportunity to relax and have a good soak so I will be looking for a walk in bath.

I had a look on the Premier Bathroom's Website and I was so overly impressed at the different style of baths.

There is even a Jacuzzi! I mean come on, bathing in luxury here!

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As well as this, there is several options you can add.

Resonance sound therapy, Hydrovescent Spa (Massage in the bath? Oh yes), Chromotherapy, Stay Warm heated seat and back rest and much much more.

So this is not your bog standard walk in bath, they look amazing, have additional products to suit your needs and you can truly feel pampered.

When I looked, they were just standard ones, they looked obvious and stand out like a sore thumb... But these? These? Well, I need now!

You can request a free home visit and advise of what you need and your concerns and they will advise on what they think would best suit you.

As well as the baths, they have showers too so you can have the walk in shower of your dreams.

After looking on the website, I feel a lot more joy that I can bathe in comfort and not worry about getting in and out of the bath, with additional features that I am interested in (MASSAGE!)

What do you think of the range? Isn't it impressive?

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Makeup Revolution #LipHug

Makeup Revolution #LipHug Packaging

I have loads of different types of lipsticks, majority are from Makeup Revolution, as are these beauties from the #LipHug range.

I love the quality, the colour pay off and the packaging.

I now own 8 of these previous lipsticks and I am purchasing more, so keep an eye out on my Instagram for my hauls.

The colours I have are:

Makeup Revolution #LipHug Want to leave, insatiable, let's raise the bar, to get lucky

Makeup Revolution #LipHug Swatch

Want to leave? - A lovely vibrant rose pink colour

Insatiable - A deeper pink, almost red

Lets raise the bar - A nice coral shade

To get lucky - A deeper red/brown colour

Makeup Revolution #LipHug Keeps the planets spinning, not giving up, love an set you free, when you came to me

Makeup Revolution #LipHug Swatches

Keeps the planets spinning - A pinky brown

Not giving up - Pinky/brown light nude

Love can set you free - Almost nude

When you came to me - Nude

These lipsticks are all of the same formula, they are rich and creamy and do last. They have a slight matte effect to they last a few hours and do unfortunately transfer a little.

Makeup Revolution #LipHug Packaging

There is no bleeding and lips look flawless with these.

These are definite favourites and I will be purchasing the rest of the range.

These nudes look fabulous, I like a nice matte nude without the drying, which these do perfectly.

Makeup Revolution #LipHug Formula

So the more intense colours are so vibrant and there is no staining which is a must have.

The red boxes are really pretty, with a metallic effect.

The packaging of the lipstick is sleek and easy to hold and store.

Effortless glistening on the lips when you apply and just look the business.

I really love this range and can not wait for my next haul.

You can purchase these beauties from Makeup Revolution

Do you tried any of the #LipHug products from Makeup Revolution?

Sunday, 10 April 2016