Choosing The Right Loan


Choosing the right loan is stressful. There is a lot of things to consider like your credit score, costs, monthly payments and ease of getting one. If you have bad credit for whatever reason, debts, CCJ’s or simply having no credit, you may find it hard getting a loan. Finding a loan where you can choose the amount and amount […]

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Where Will My Estate End Up In Years To Come?


Talking to my family recently about what will happen when I, you know… am no longer around. I had this thought ‘Where will my estate end up in years to come?’ I don’t just mean once I go, as I have this taken care of in my will, but what will my children do with it when they decide to […]

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Feeling Fabulous In Plus Size with Simply Be


Since putting weight on, I have been feeling awful, with ill fitting clothes and nothing nice in my ‘plus size’… I have been feeling pretty deflated. I never thought of looking online for clothing so because of this, I was feeling fabulous in plus size with Simply Be. Clothing is something I hate buying, the sizes are completely off and […]

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The Relief Of An Allergy Thanks To Serenz


I have all year round allergies, I thought it was hayfever but it seems to be constant. So when I became aware of a relief from Serenz, I didn’t wait around. I needed relief now! It came in a nice brown packaging which I quickly ripped open and pulled out the packaging that the product is held in. You get […]

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Scorching Summer Giveaway – Amazon Vouchers

Summer Giveaway

  We all love shopping, so having a Scorching Summer Giveaway to win Amazon Vouchers is truly one amazing prize. As summer is ending, there are things we may need to get for those colder months. A new blanket, coffee mug, hot water bottle or even scarf and gloved. As the weather turns colder, we decided to host a fabulous competition […]

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The Tanning Chronicles


The tanning chronicles is about my must have tanning products. Being fair skinned, I do need to fake tan all year round. I am so pale, I am practically a ghost so to make myself look a little more healthier, I do go for a glow. So I am sharing my skincare routine for my body in achieving the desired […]

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The Long Wait For Finding Dory


We have all been waiting a long time for ‘Finding Dory’ and even our children have been asking when will it be released. Years of singing ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming’ and hoping, praying they make a part 2 or even better, DORY! Years of speculation on what the next film will be, who will it be about? A […]

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The Seasons Of Buying


We are still in a state of keeping hold of precious money and trying to cut costs where we can. But one thing I did not know was there are seasons for buying. I do my Christmas shopping all year round, but I did not know there was specific times of years for shopping. I find something and buy it, store […]

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