Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Why I Need To Lock My Office Cupboads

Locking office cupboards is a must for any home worker so this is why I need to lock my office cupboards.

The main reason I lock my office cupboards is because I have a lot of sensitive information that I need keeping in a safe place away from prying eyes or becoming lost.

I keep a lot of information like my banking, receipts, invoices and various other things that I do worry may go missing or in the worst, my house is broken into, I would not want anyone finding this sensitive information and anyone looking into my most precious documentation.

My main concern when looking for office furniture is how good the locks are.

Are they easily accessible and easy to break in? Are they sturdy enough and can last many years without worry? Can I get replacement keys?

With general locks from office equipment, answer is possibly no.

So I needed to look elsewhere for locking devices for my drawers and cupboards.

Handy man I am not. I can put up a picture, fix little things but generally the DIY expert is my other half.

So we had a look on Fast Keys to see what type of locks there are and find out more information on them.

At the bottom of each lock type, there is further information on that type of lock.
From security to advantages, build quality and effectiveness.

You can even purchase more keys, I am terrible with keys and do misplace them, then find them a year later.

You can get all sorts from lubricants to tags, washers to any bits and bobs you need for your locking needs.

All under one home and prices are really good too.

Have you considered locking up for personal information?

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Unique Rings To Pop The Question

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Popping the question is a big thing, takes so much planning, plenty of guess work and of course, shopping!

Buying the ring has to be the most stressful part of popping the question.

Many questions come into mind when looking to propose.

What is her favourite stone
Does it look like I thought about this
Will she like it
Will it fit right
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Then you look at stones, is it diamond? Sapphire? Garnet? Ruby? Something else?

What set would she like? Single stone? Cluster? Channel? PavĂ©? 

What type of stone cut? Round? Princess? Baguette? Pear?

Gold? White? Rose? Yellow? Oh... Platinum?

Have I frazzled your brain yet? I think I did mine...

One thing I would personally look for is something unique.

I would like a ring where the style is unique or something you could not readily buy elsewhere.
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So when I got looking on Berganza, I realised these are not your average rings...

These are unique, one off rings that more than likely can not be purchased elsewhere.

From big names of Cartier to Tiffany, to rings that are hundreds of years old.

This collection of jewellery are one off items and if you want it, you buy it. If it's sold, there is no second chance to buy again.

These are beloved items of someone, somewhere, so many memories attached and ready for a new life.

These beautiful rings are cared for, loved and preened to have a home on yours or partners finger.

A ring that has seen wars, devastation but always been a promise of love, commitment and worn with passion. Showing the world a meaning that we do not really understand. Endless love.

Would you give a new home to a stunning piece of jewellery that has a lot of life and love to give?
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Saturday, 25 June 2016

NSPA Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime Skincare

I need awakening and vibrant products for my morning routine, something that can perk me up in the morning. So when I was asked to try the NSPA Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime skincare, how could I refuse?

Monday, 20 June 2016

Swanky Dog Clothes and Accessories From Top Dog Apparel

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There is nothing cuter I think than dogs having little cute coats in winter, the latest leads and collars that are durable but look nice.

So I did have a look at Top Dog Apparel who is a clothing site for dogs.

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Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Body Shop Olive Gift Set

I am a huge fan of The Body Shop and I bought the Olive gift set for a family member, loved the scent so much that I purchased one for myself.

Saturday, 18 June 2016